Category Navigation Pro V1.0


This plugin makes new category navigation on your site. Because plugin has template reader and writer feature, you can create new template freely. Edited HTML / CSS / Javascript are mounted as widget or page in your site basically. However, plugin has API function, site owner understanding Q2A layer programming can mount code on your site anywhere. Display performance is good by category data cache feature, too. This plugin will help users who runs Q&A site on categories mainly. Plugin is made in accordance with Q2A plugin making manner. Therefore, you can upgrade Q2A in comfort. There are reason why we added "Pro" to the name of this plugin. We explain it.

Reason 1 (Data customization)

  • You can choose top level category (Default is root).
  • You can limit output level (Default is no limit).
  • You can sort category order (Sort key: question count, category name).
  • You can exclude categories (Specify category, question count is zero, regular expression).
  • You can include categories (Specify category, regular expression).
  • You can shorten category description.
  • You can tune category link (Default is "auto". You can fix in "questions", "activity", "unanswered", etc).

Reason 2 (Flexible template)

You can markup multi dimension category data freely by editing template for each dimension in admin panel. Because the template is managed (Read / Write / Make new) with set, change and expansion are easy. 10 templates are bundled according to types in plugin. However, let's make new template by using scripts opened on Internet.

Reason 3 (Data cache)

The reconstituted category data are accumulated on the database. Because query count is limited, you can display navigation speedy. Of course, cache data is refreshed when question count is changed automatically. Don't worry. favorite (star) mark is given to HTML dynamically.

Reason 4 (Parts expansion)

Q2A cannot make clone of widget and page sharing program basically. However, you can multiply plural widgets and pages in ONE plugin.