Async Email


This plugin is base module for sending email asynchronously. When sending a lot of mail from Q2A, you need to take many things into consideration. Especially, if e-mail is sent to many users in the event of Q2A, reaction of screen will worsen linearly. Since plugin is once saved in database, and transmits e-mail little by little later. Therefore, the reaction of screen does not worsen. Moreover, risk of receiving claim from server's administrator also decreases by sending many mails at once.


There is no user view in this plugin.

Features / Options

Enable Async Email

You can change of this plugin state. Default is false.

Emails packed into one insert query

When saving e-mail data into database, plugin gathered many data in one INSERT query. Thereby, the processing speed becomes very fast and it prevent aggravation of screen reaction. Default is 100.

Emails sent at once

It is a unit when transmitting the e-mail data in a database. This value is decided in consideration of the processing interval of the transmitting processing started by CRON. Default is 50.

If error, resent

It is the number of times of resending when transmission of e-mail becomes an error. The data which reached this number of times remains in a database with the cause of an error. Default is 3.

Save Changes

All options are saved.

Restore Default

All options are restored to default.

Version compatibility

Q2A V1.5 later



This plugin is not a thing guaranteeing the movement in every environment. If you install third party plugin and customize Q2A, plugin may not move definitely. Particularly, this plugin does not support external user at present. In addition, it may be necessary to hack program of this plugin when override function collides with other theme and plugin. This is not avoided in structure of Q2A. Anyway, please do not forget that this plugin was tested only in standard installation state of Q2A.