Closed Site


This plugin is base module for making closed site. Q2A is made on the assumption that it is originally opened to the Internet. Although you can control the writing of data by user's authority setting, there is no option for hiding information from users who does not log in. This plugin judges login condition of users who visited site, and it redirects access to pages other than allowed page to login page. Moreover, this plugin has function which customizes pages in the state where it does not log in. Customization of view can be separated and applied for each theme. 


Snow theme:

Classic theme:

Candy theme:

Features / Options

Enable plugin

You can change of this plugin state. Default is false.

Page(URL) lists who unloggedin users can see

The user who does not log in can see only pages of URL specified here. URL is divided by "||". New line is replaced "||". Program can be described by "@EVAL".  Default is "confirm||forgot||login||register||reset||feedback".

Enable auto detect

Pages that unregistered users can see are automatically recognized, even if it does not add to upper list. Default is false.

Block access of blob data

Check of this will not display images uploaded by system editor to unlogin users. However, images which exists as file is not blocked. Default is false.

Enable redirect

You can redirect specify page after loggedin. Default is false.

Enable URL  (Relative path from Q2A root)

Specify page url after loggedin with the relative path from Q2A root. Default is "activity".

Save Changes

All options are saved.

Restore Default

All options are restored to default.

Version compatibility

Q2A V1.5 later

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This plugin is not a thing guaranteeing the movement in every environment. If you install third party plugin and customize Q2A, plugin may not move definitely. Particularly, this plugin does not support external user at present. In addition, it may be necessary to hack program of this plugin when override function collides with other theme and plugin. This is not avoided in structure of Q2A. Anyway, please do not forget that this plugin was tested only in standard installation state of Q2A.