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This plugin adds general email form to Q2A. There is feedback form in Q2A. Input items are few easy-to-use parts. However, since name and email are options, this form is not suitable for closed site. Moreover, it is also inconvenient that it cannot check before sending the inputted contents. 


1. Input view

2. Confirm view

3. Sent view

Real page is here. I recommend to see at logout statement. 

Difference from feedback form of Q2A

Added Items

  • Company
  • Section
  • Email (confirm)
  • Telephone
  • Agreement


  • Message: Max length 2000 character
  • Company: Max length 100 character
  • Section: Max length 100 character
  • Name: Require check. Max length 50 character
  • Email: Require check. Validation check
  • Email (confirm): Require check. Validation check. Matching check.
  • Telephone: Max length 50 character
  • Agreement: Require check

Page structure

  • Input Page
  • Confirm Page: Add
  • Sent Page

Email send

In addition to send mail to the administrator of site, confirmation mail is sent to the person who contact.

Design by CSS

You can design contact pages by CSS file in plugin.

Version compatibility

Q2A V1.5 later

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This plugin is not a thing guaranteeing the movement in every environment. If you install third party plugin and customize Q2A, plugin may not move definitely. Particularly, this plugin does not support external user at present. In addition, it may be necessary to hack program of this plugin when override function collides with other theme and plugin. This is not avoided in structure of Q2A. Anyway, please do not forget that this plugin was tested only in standard installation state of Q2A.