Feed Reader Pro V1.0


This plugin analyzes feed information of external site. Analyzed information is rebuilt to HTML with template system. You can display feed information in the favorite place with widget, page and layer system of Q2A. Because analyzed feed data is stored to the file or database with dual cache feature, you can display information very fast. This plugin will help users running blog with Q2A. And, you can display search results of social search engines (Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Wikipedia, etc) in question page by using category and tags dynamically. Plugin is made in accordance with the plugin making manner of Q2A. Therefore, you can upgrade Q2A in comfort. There are reason why we added "Pro" to the name of this plugin. We explain it.

Reason 1 (Reliable feed parser)

We adopted SimplePie as analytical engine of feed data. This library is adopted with many major products, high performance and reliability are reputation. SimplePie V1.3.1 is carried in this plugin.

Reason 2 (Dual cache)

Even SimplePie cache is nice, but you can cache contents edited in PHP at the same time. By this double cache system, you can minimize the influence of other site performance. SimplePie supports only file cache by default. However, this plugin support also database cache. This dual cache system will realize high performance and the load reduction of your server.

Reason 3 (Flexible template)

The analyzed feed data are stored in multi-demensional array. You can markup feed data freely by editing template for each dimension in admin panel. Because the template is managed with set, change and expansion are easy. There are few templates of first version, but various templates along the parts placement and feed type will be developed in future.

Reason 4 (Dynamic feed)

You can display the latest information in the users profile page with the specific profile item (website, etc). In addition, You can display search results of other sites with specific data (tag, category, etc) of the page.

Reason 5 (Parts expansion)

Q2A cannot make clone of widget and page sharing program basically. However, you can use widgets and pages to three each. When it is more necessary, you can increase it to up to ten by changing one place of program constant. Furthermore, you can increase it.

Admin panels

Common settings

Widget settings

Page settings

Profile settings


Template variation

Simple inline (Example of Q2A official QA feed)

Simple table (Example of Q2A official QA feed)

Simple block (Example of Q2A official QA feed)

Full print (Example of Q2A official QA feed)

Full print_r for debug (Example of Q2A official QA feed)

Feed variation

Youtube (Example of search results of "monster+hunter+portable")

flicker (Example of search results of "monster,hunter,portable")

instagram (Example of search results of "monsterhunter")

Version compatibility: Q2A V1.6 later

User's manual (sample)

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This plugin is not a thing guaranteeing the movement in every environment. If you install third party plugin and customize Q2A, plugin may not move definitely. Particularly, this plugin does not support external user at present. In addition, it may be necessary to hack program of this plugin when override function collides with other theme and plugin. This is not avoided in structure of Q2A. Anyway, please do not forget that this plugin was tested only in standard installation state of Q2A.