Notification Pro V1.7


"Notification Pro" is the plugin that member can know several events on QA site Ajax notification parts and email. Q2A have minimum email notification feature. But if you install this plugin, your QA site will become more active. In particular, we recommend this plugin to the owner who have closed site. Plugin is made in accordance with the plugin making manner of Q2A. Therefore, you can upgrade Q2A in comfort. There are reason why we added "Pro" to the name of this plugin. We explain it.

Reason 1 (Basic architecture)

"Email notification" plugins were developed so far. However, most plugin had bottleneck of performance. The transmission of mass emails took big load to web server, and, as a result, it was that the reaction of the screen deteriorated linearly. This plugin solved this bottleneck by separating Q2A events and email processing from web server. In addition, email is sent on same hardware as web server, but, in the case of the large-scale site more than 10,000 users, you can perform distributed processing of the transmission of email with other servers (customization necessary).

Reason 2 (Data quantity control)

In the site where registration is free, many users are so-called "non-active users". Users that robot registered, and users who does not action after registration. This plugin controls data quantity in user's last login and user's last write and user's point. This helps that you reduce server load.

Reason 3 (Load balancer)

You can control data quantity of events freely. The processing capacity of the server depends on CPU and disk, memory volume etc. You can notify members by method depending on the capacity of your server.

Reason 4 (Monitoring)

You can monitor situation of your site with admin panel. When state of the processing isn't good, you review interval between the load balancer and the processing, and you can examine the exchange of the server.

Reason 5 (Permission control)

You can choose user level every notice. Data quantity depends also on event kind. You may notify experts of all questions. You may notify general users of answer to his following question. Anyway, you can control flexibly.

Reason 6 (Extensibility)

We equipped with high priority 16 notices at V1.0. This is just the beginning. The kinds of the notice increase steadily. Expect for future version up!!


:Representative features of V1.7


Real time Ajax notification / message marker

Marker position

Case of FlexArmor1

Ajax infinite scroll notification window

Ajax infinite scroll message window

Ajax infinite scroll notification page

Ajax infinite scroll message page

Admin panel

Stats window

User settings

Multipart (Plane and HTML) email

Digest email notification

Version compatibility: Q2A V1.6 later

User's manual (sample)

Development history and plan

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This plugin is not a thing guaranteeing the movement in every environment. If you install third party plugin and customize Q2A, plugin may not move definitely. Particularly, this plugin does not tested in WORDPRESS integration in present. In addition, it may be necessary to hack program of this plugin when override function collides with other theme and plugin. This is not avoided in structure of Q2A. Anyway, please do not forget that this plugin was tested only in standard installation state of Q2A.