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2015-04We released "Banner Pro"
2015-02We released "Database Manager Pro"
2015-02We released "Delete My Account"
2015-01We released "Google reCAPTCHA"
2015-01We released "jQuery Count Down Widget"
2014-12We released "jQuery World Clock Widget"
2014-10-16We released "FlexArmor2 V1.0"
2014-08We released "Notification Pro V1.8".
2014-06-25We released "Point Trade Pro V1.0".
2014-06-21We released "Notification Pro V1.7".
2014-05-08We released "FlexArmor1 V1.2".
2014-05-01We released "Notification Pro V1.6".
2014-04We released "Very Simple Bot Protection".
2014-04-21We released "FlexArmor1 V1.1".
2014-04-03We released "FlexArmor1 V1.0".
2014-03-25We released "Notification Pro V1.5".
2014-01-07We released "Feed Reader Pro V1.0".
2013-12-14We released "Notification Pro V1.4".
2013-11-15We released "Notification Pro V1.3".
2013-10-09We released "Notification Pro V1.2".
2013-09-28We released "Infinite Ajax Scroll" V1.0.
2013-09-11We released "Notification Pro V1.1".
2013-08-29We released "jQuery UI Form" V1.0.
2013-08-16We released "CKEditor4 for admin" V1.0.
2013-08-16We released "CKEditor4" V1.0.
2013-08-05We released "Short URL Pro" V1.0.
2013-08-01We released "Tag Search Pro V1.0".
2013-07-29We released "User Search Pro V1.0".
2013-07-18We released "Mass Mailing Pro V1.0".
2013-07-13We are developing "Mass mailing Pro" plugin. Progress is 50%.
2013-07-09We relase "Notification Pro V1.0".
We recruit translator who can purchase half-price.
2013-07-08ASKIVE was upgraded to Q2A V1.6.1.
2013-07-06We are testing "Notification Pro V1.0-Beta".
2013-07-01We are developing "Notification Pro V1.0". Progress is 80%.
2013-06-28Upgrade to Q2A V1.6(stable). And, I submitted Japanese translation.
2013-06-27We are developing "Notification Pro V1.0". Progress is 50%.
2013-06-26"Email Notification Pro V1.1" is testing in this site.
2013-06-21User's manual was completed. "Edit Avatar" and "Email Notification Pro"
2013-06-20Plugin price was discounted! Make account, check the price.
2013-06-19Japanese translation for V1.6 completed !! Under inspection on this site...
2013-06-11"Email Notification Pro" was pre-launched.
2013-06-04"Subnavi Maker" released.
2013-06-01"Advanced XML Sitemap" released.
2013-05-30"Language Changer(core hack required)" released.
2013-05-29Mail magagine "Q2A Trend Report (vol.1)" sent to all user.